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Caring For Your Flooring

caring for flooringThe following guide for your for your flooring guide has been created to help you best look after your flooring.

Caring for Carpet:

Vacuum regularly this not only removes dirt but also helps stop the flattening of carpet. Blot stains with water and have it professionally cleaned every two to three years.If your carpet is bleach cleanable, then you are able to use a 10% bleach 90% water solution to clean any stain. Be sensible and avoid light colours in areas where there is a lot of traffic or if you have children and animals.Have a door mat or consider coir matting being laid at the front door, especially in rental properties.

Caring for Vinyl:

Clean with mild sofa solution and remove scuff marks using a pencil eraser.

Caring for Wood and Laminate:

Don’t get it too wet and clean up spills straight away. Vacuum regularly followed by a damp cloth or mop. Do not have laminate or wood laid anywhere where there is a lot of direct sun light as it will discolour the floor. Be warned that high heel shoes can mark and damage the floor.

Flooring - Allergies & Health and Saftey:

With a wool carpet dust is reduced and with regular vacuuming, trapped allergens are removed. Wool absorbs airborne toxins and humidity therefore the indoor air quality is increased.

Laminate flooring is not always such a good option if you have pet or dust allergies as dust is easily collected and disturbed. Airborne dust content is lower in rooms with carpet, as it acts as a filter, trapping dust until it is vacuumed.

A tight pile leaves less hiding places for dust mites and by cleaning your carpet regularly you can reduce and remove many allergens.

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